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Turkey tacos

Turkey Tacos

If you’re like me and love leftovers, then taco dinners are about the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Not only are tacos something almost everyone can agree on, but it’s really easy to throw in an extra serving or two of meat to eat on for the rest of the week. Plus, if you’re fixing dinner for picky eaters, they can make them as plain as they want.

About a month ago (during the post-Thanksgiving sale period), I started experimenting with turkey as a substitute for hamburger in most of my favorite recipes. I didn’t eat a lot of turkey growing up – my mom has a weird aversion to the bird, so my intake was pretty much limited to cold cuts and two holiday birds per year – and I always figured that the difference would be really noticeable in chili and stroganoff and all my other favorites. I’ve been pleased to find it’s not. I’ve even sneaked it into meatballs without my dinner guests noticing.

There are a lot of benefits when choosing turkey. Even when it’s not on sale, it’s pound-for-pound about a dollar cheaper than the 93/7 ground beef I used to buy. Plus, the meat is so lean that you rarely have to drain it, which means less mess.

Everyone has their own formula for seasoning tacos, but I like to keep things simple with McCormick’s original taco seasoning mix. It’s about the cheapest thing you can buy without sacrificing quality, and it’s both gluten- and MSG-free. I usually add chicken or veggie broth instead of water to increase the flavor. For shells, I usually use La Tiara brand yellow or white corn (yes, the kind that retails for $1.47/dozen at WalMart), heated in a 450 degree oven for about five minutes. They’re made with real shortening, so heating them brings out a wonderfully authentic greasiness. If you’re saving some for leftovers, don’t assemble them the night you make dinner. They’ll get soggy in the fridge.

The best part about cooking with turkey? It’s so healthy you don’t have to feel bad about adding that squirt of sour cream.


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