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Happy Valentine’s Day

Pictured: Basically yummy cookie dough from Enjoy Life Foods.

My father’s mother graduated from high school a year early.  She’d just turned 17, and no one wanted to hire someone so young.  So she put on high heels and make-up, and she got a job doing filing at a wholesale flooring distributor.  It wasn’t long before a 23-year-old salesman who’d worked his way up from stock boy noticed her.  She lied to him about her age, too… they were married six months later.

My mother’s father was drafted not long after he married my grandmother.  He lucked out… after basic training in Texas, he deployed to Germany.  (The rest of his unit, stationed in Korea, did not make it.)  He was stationed in Dresden from 1951-1953.  Every week, he would walk down to the china shop with his paycheck and buy my grandma another piece of her dinner set, which he’d ship home from base.  A dozen place settings, each almost as many pieces, and not one of them broke.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. You know Elle, you have pretty awesome grandparents. People who really knew what love was all about.

    I’m so pleased to have known the four of them, and am honored to share two of them (the father’s mother half) with you.

    Sounds like you had a reflective Valentine’s Day. Think of you often.

    Your cousin

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