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The Joy of Cooking

I read an interesting blog today on the (greatly exaggerated) death of the cookbook via KQED’s Twitter feed.  When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why my mother would pull out a dusty copy of Betty Crocker instead of search for a simple recipe online.  Today, I totally get it.  I’ve actually become more likely to buy cookbooks after engaging with someone online.  Blogs are like teasers – if I like what I see there, then my willingness to pay for more increases.  I bought Healthy Breads in Five Minutes a Day after the Gluten-Free Girl featured one of their recipes.  Would I have forked over $20 sight unseen?  Probably not.

Plus, touch screens weren’t meant for use in the kitchen.  If you’ve ever tried to remove honey from your iPhone, you’ll wholeheartedly agree.  And, what’s a recipe without a few modifications?  My trusted cookbooks are all stained with ink where I’ve tinkered with ingredients and found something that works better.

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