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Jan 10

Something Girls Like

A long-running joke within my group of friends is about the fictitious mixed drink “Something Girls Like,” which is what my boyfriend once ordered for me as a safe alternative to beer (this was before we started dating).  We’ve been looking for a deliciously appropriate drink upon which to bestow the title ever since.

Well, folks, last night we found one.

Something Girls Like
1 part cranberry-grape juice (we used Ocean Spray)
1 part lemon-lime soda
1 part rum
frozen fruit for ice

Upon being presented with this concoction, one of my friends remarked, “Someday your teenage sons will beg for this recipe to help them get girls.”

Let this be a cautionary tale to anyone attempting low budget drinking to Harry Potter.

Jan 10

Growling for a good brew

There’s an interesting article on NYTimes.com today about a growth in popularity for growlers, 64-ounce beer jugs that can be refilled again and again. They’re popular at microbreweries and restaurants with local beers on tap.

Even though I myself cannot drink beer (it’s derived from barley, one of the forbidden grains), it’s with great regularity that I make the trek to Columbia’s own Flat Branch Pub & Brewing for a cold growler of Katy Trail Pale Ale. I then shuttle the growler back to Kansas City for my sister’s boyfriend’s father (my sister’s future in-laws?), who often laments that his favorite beer is not available locally.

Personally, I love the idea of the growler. When I was a kid, there was a restaurant in my hometown that sold its root beer by the glass jug, and I still buy my milk in glass. Some drinks just taste better that way.

Jan 10

Pepsi Throwback

I’ve never been super concerned with high fructose corn syrup.  Calorie for calorie, it’s not that different from sugar, and let’s face it – how much more are you really willing to pay for real sugar?  There’s a reason why overly-processed foods have taken hold in our country, and it’s because people aren’t always willing to pay for quality.  Quantity, on the other hand…

Ahem.  So I don’t really have a problem with high fructose corn syrup, whatever – until it starts to impact taste, that is.  There’s a reason why Mexican Coke has such a following, and I’ll pick up a bottle from time to time in the Hispanic grocery section of my local HyVee.  That being said, it’s always as a treat.  In fact, the only regular soda I ever drink is as a treat, or I would weigh four hundred pounds.

Anyway, I was pleased to see Pepsi enter the real sugar race with its own Pepsi Throwback, which is basically Pepsi as it was meant to be drank.  Original in both recipe and can design, I’m savoring it while I can (it’s supposed to go back into the vault on February 22, where it will provide limited comfort for the Disney characters screaming to get out).  Now, generally, I’m not a fan of limited time promotions – I’m still mad that I can’t buy Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses RIGHT THIS INSTANT – but I can also recognize the path of destruction on which full-time availability of Pepsi Throwback would lead me down.

drinking pepsi throwback would fatten me right up