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Jan 10

Growling for a good brew

There’s an interesting article on NYTimes.com today about a growth in popularity for growlers, 64-ounce beer jugs that can be refilled again and again. They’re popular at microbreweries and restaurants with local beers on tap.

Even though I myself cannot drink beer (it’s derived from barley, one of the forbidden grains), it’s with great regularity that I make the trek to Columbia’s own Flat Branch Pub & Brewing for a cold growler of Katy Trail Pale Ale. I then shuttle the growler back to Kansas City for my sister’s boyfriend’s father (my sister’s future in-laws?), who often laments that his favorite beer is not available locally.

Personally, I love the idea of the growler. When I was a kid, there was a restaurant in my hometown that sold its root beer by the glass jug, and I still buy my milk in glass. Some drinks just taste better that way.