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May 10

Hash browns with bermuda onion cheddar

Before I went backpacking in Switzerland two years ago, I was worried the language barrier would leave me hungry or clutching my stomach in pain.  Not a problem, it turned out – a lot of Swiss cooking involves potatoes and cheese, two foods that are almost always gluten-free.  I spent the next two months recreating dishes like raclette and rösti with British ingredients in my London flat.

I haven’t had a lot of time to cook this semester.  But I’m in the home stretch now and decided to treat myself.  Not to mention, I had this wonderful bermuda onion cheddar I bought from a local Amish farmer.

Hash browns with bermuda onion cheddar

1 potato, thinly sliced
1 egg
1 green onion
bermuda onion cheddar (or other good, mild cheese)
olive oil

Serves 1

This is so simple.  It doesn’t even need a recipe.  Peel and slice the potato, boil until tender.  (I like soft hash browns with crispy edges, but if you like yours firm, don’t leave them in the water as long.)  Put oil (1-2 tbsp.) in a skillet.  Let the oil get really, really hot.  Stand back and toss in the potato slices.  Spread them thin, salt to taste, and let them get brown.  Then, fry an egg.  Or scramble it.  Top it all with sliced up chunks of cheese and lightly sautéed bits of green onion.  Drink a Bloody Mary.  Enjoy.