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Jan 10

Pepsi Throwback

I’ve never been super concerned with high fructose corn syrup.  Calorie for calorie, it’s not that different from sugar, and let’s face it – how much more are you really willing to pay for real sugar?  There’s a reason why overly-processed foods have taken hold in our country, and it’s because people aren’t always willing to pay for quality.  Quantity, on the other hand…

Ahem.  So I don’t really have a problem with high fructose corn syrup, whatever – until it starts to impact taste, that is.  There’s a reason why Mexican Coke has such a following, and I’ll pick up a bottle from time to time in the Hispanic grocery section of my local HyVee.  That being said, it’s always as a treat.  In fact, the only regular soda I ever drink is as a treat, or I would weigh four hundred pounds.

Anyway, I was pleased to see Pepsi enter the real sugar race with its own Pepsi Throwback, which is basically Pepsi as it was meant to be drank.  Original in both recipe and can design, I’m savoring it while I can (it’s supposed to go back into the vault on February 22, where it will provide limited comfort for the Disney characters screaming to get out).  Now, generally, I’m not a fan of limited time promotions – I’m still mad that I can’t buy Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses RIGHT THIS INSTANT – but I can also recognize the path of destruction on which full-time availability of Pepsi Throwback would lead me down.

drinking pepsi throwback would fatten me right up